Delhi world public school


Affiliated to CBSE, Affiliation N0.1931093


The driving idea behind the concept is the intent of imbibing within the existing eco system the values and necessary to consider the impact and consequences of activities and development undertaken. This will create an affinity amongst the students towards development of society in a sustainable manner. Our green school broadly covers the following areas


  • ASMERO Green Club Green Olympiad
  • Our building and campus comprises of lush green cover having pollution free environment
  • We have used low VOC paints to ensure comfortable and healthy environment for building occupants
  • Using low flow plumbing fixtures for ensuring water conservation and effective water management
  • We have used energy efficient LEDs, fans and appliances to ensure a reduction in carbon footprint from the school
  • The school has further planned in future for saving tentatively a carbon footprint of 15-20 tons annually
  • We plan to generate our electricity requirements through a renewable source of energy such solar system Rain water harvesting
  • Usage of refurbished computer appliances from Certified Microsoft refurbishes that is in line with mandatory corporate law in U.S thereby saving use of virgin materials and recycling products
  • Plastic free campus
  • Effective waste segregation and management at source for wet and dry waste.