·         Students will follow the daily routine of the school, unless exempted on medical grounds on recommendation of the Medical Officer.

    ·         They are not allowed to stay in the classrooms during games/activity periods.

    ·         They are not allowed to keep or take medicines or tonic without the knowledge of the Medical Officer.

    ·         Walkman, CD Players, I Pods and tape-recorders should not be brought to school.

    ·         Please do not send any cash/valuable articles through your ward(s).

    ·         All notices will be put up on the Notice Board. Announcements, if any, will be made during assembly.

    ·         Remedial classes will be taken for weak students.

    ·         Any willful damage to or theft of School property or other‘s property will be regarded as a breach of School rules and the student would be fined by School Authorities.

    ·         Students can avail of the facility of school Canteen.

    ·         The child has an option of co-curricular Activities, Equestrian training, Aerobics, Yoga and Work Experience (SUPW) to acquire his/her domain individuality intuitive endowment.