Delhi world public school


Affiliated to CBSE, Affiliation N0.1931093


ECO club will help to encourage, monitor and operate the environment activities of the whole school community as we believe that school environment club in DWPS is considered to be the driving force behind all environmental and sustainable activities at the school. The idea behind this club activity is to pave a wonderful way for the young people to develop a sense of ownership, pride and community spirit.

One of the powerful clubs that offers influential educational learning at school – this MUN club involves participants to develop their interest in researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills. In addition to this, this club focuses on critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. The prime goal is to captivate our students to develop a deeper understanding of the current world issues.

This club is designed to involve students in various activities, pitched towards consciousness with respect to our Cultural Heritage and provide education for learning crafts and our artifacts. Every member of heritage club is driven to contribute to protect our local and natural heritage. Heritage club badges will be given to the active club members of INTACH Heritage club, who in turn become a part of the growing community of heritage keepers.

The objective of the Literary club is to sensitize the habit of reading, self-reliance and confidence to benefit the students in disciplines of writing and speaking by conducting events that are both pedagogical and pleasurable. The idea behind this club is to develop excellent communication skills and teaches students to think spontaneously and to build confidence not only professionally but also socially.

One of the newest educational initiative started at school to celebrate the ideas of our young minds. This club is to design to make a generation of inspired problem-solvers across the globe. This TED Ed club offers students an opportunity to connect with others and create a way for them to become an effective Public Speaker by improving their communication and other skills.

A mind-blowing club which will definitely leave a ‘WOW’ factor, in each and every session. This club is headed by a group of Mathematicians whom they dedicate to making Mathematics fun for your child. Carefully chosen National curriculum is adopted to improve your child’s confidence with Math which cope with the students of all abilities.

One of the clubs which teaches your ward on Hospitality education. This club is to promote healthy food habits by making them to learn about Nutrition and Dietic. Our student will explore their senses: working towards a goal, how to organize themselves and to stay motivated even during tougher situation. Culinary club uses cooking as a way to discover culinary roots across various culture and help children develop their teamwork.

Charity club at DWPS functions with innermost recognition of a need to show compassion to others, conscientiously, without expecting a reward. Charity originates from the heart as you feel the urge of giving, begins from school, eventually extending to others in the society. It is one such greatest humanitarian club by volunteering us to serve the people in need in any part of the world.

Technovation club fosters engagement by connecting our Tech-Savvy DWPians with one another and showcasing the global technical community. This club supports our children in teaching themselves and one another how to work on collaboratively designing, creating, and testing a project of their own choosing.

Technovation club provides a gateway to open the digital world around us and instill in participants a new enthusiasm and self-assurance for their own potential to create the technology that will need for them to pursue in 21stcentury opportunities.