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Read O Thon

“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible. “DWPS MADURAI, celebrated Read- O -Thon on the 23rd of September 2022 for classes Nursery, Preparatory and grade 1 with great grandeur.

Starting from the assembly, students rocked their day with phonics dance, phonics action song and quotes on reading.

Our kiddies were provided with English alphabet biscuits from school which they were asked to read by saying it’s phonic sound and also doing it’s action before relishing them. 

Then they were engaged in various fun filled activities like letter fishing, snakes and ladders, slides and ladders, dice games, spin wheel and giant wheel games followed by the paper boat race. These activities were done in English, Hindi and Tamil. Students had a ball of a time.

They visited the library of Mangayarkarasi college of Arts & Science and read their favourite story books.They were motivated to set up a mini library at home thus encouraging them to read. Book markers were made and given to the students as a take away. Finally the students were motivated to read story books and newspapers because A reader today is a leader tomorrow

teachers day assembly - 5th september 2022

“A teacher affects eternity. She can never tell where her influence ends. Without teachers, life would have no class.”

September 5th, 2022 turned out to be a red carpet day for the management and facilitators of DWPS, as students from KG until grade 11 showered bouquets, gifts, cards, chocolates, cakes and candies to express their immense joy, thankfulness and gratitude for being their second parents at home away from home. “Happy Teachers Day” greeting echoed in all the floors of DWPS, spreading wide smiles on all students and teachers faces. A spectacular assembly was hosted by the DWPians, to honor, appreciate and applaud the teachers, who were invited department wise, to rock the dais with their elegant attire and ramp walks. Mesmerizing songs, street plays and speeches marked the days glorious significance. The DWPS management generously hosted a sumptuous lunch for the teaching and non-teaching fraternity, which was followed by a common meet of the entire DWPS family tree, in the KP auditorium, presided over by worthy Secretary sir, Director sir and the esteemed principals of Mangayarkarasi group of educational institutions.

“To the world, we maybe mere teachers, but for our students, we are heroes and heroines….”


Yellow is a vibrant colour that exudes happiness, positivity and life. That’s how our Nursery, Preparatory and grade 1 students celebrated “Yellow Day and Super Hero Day. “Students and teachers donned with yellow attire. Right from the Prayer song, Tamil Thai Vazhthu, Welcome address, Puppet show, Super Hero dance, Action song on emotions, speech on the uses of turmeric, to the ramp walk with Batman, Spider man, Hulk, Minions, Iron man, honey bees, Twitty bird in attendance, all the programmes were a feast to our eyes. The show concluded on a positive note with short talks from our Principal, Vice Principal and Coordinator ma’am. When we came back to our classes, we were in for a surprise. Yes, folks, our Director sir provided popcorn as we celebrated Yellow Day. Our kids were very excited in munching the crunchy popcorn and were engrossed in making their take away gifts (i.e.) a yellow school bus.


“Photographs open doors into the past but they also allow a look into the future. “That’s right. Today’s World Photography Day assembly was beautifully captured by Pride 1B DWPIANS with many snap shots like the thought of the day, Thirukural, 5 photo storytelling, short talks about Art and Creative Photography, Doodle Art and finally about Raghunath Rai Chowdhury the famous photographer. The assembly concluded with a quote _ ” Photographers don’t take pictures. They create images. “

krishna janmashtami celebration - 18th august 2022
independence day celebration - 15th august 2022
Hiroshima Nagasaki Remembrance Day - 10TH AUGUST 2022

” Let there be peace and let it begin with us…..”Our assembly kicked off with this amazing quote. Our raptors from Preparatory A and B anchored today’s Hiroshima Nagasaki Remembrance Day. Though 75 years have passed by since this incident, our raptors beautifully portrayed the happenings through their dance, thought for the day and short speech. It refreshed our memory and also taught us that _ World peace is one project that we have to do together.

veggie DAY - 29TH July 2022

” A healthy outside starts from the inside. ” Any guesses of what celebration this could be? It’s Veggie Day Celebration at DWPS. Imagination is the beginning of creation…. Absolutely TRUE. Our teachers of Nursery, Preparatory and grade 1 excelled in articulating the various facts of vegetables, it’s benefits and uses through skit, riddles and dance. Students learnt many new names of vegetables. The celebration concluded by powerful talks from our Principal, Vice – Principal and Coordinator ma’am. The take away from today’s celebration was _ Fruits and vegetables do not fight diseases. It’s their absence that causes diseases.


யாழினிது குழலினிது என்பார் தம்மக்கள்
மழலைச்சொல் கேளா தவர்
— திருக்குறள்
என்ற வள்ளுவனின் வாக்கிற்கிணங்க டெல்லி வேல்டு பப்ளிக் பள்ளியின் அசோகா மழலைத்தமிழ் இலக்கிய மன்றத்தின் துவக்க விழா 28.07.2022 அன்று அரங்கேறியது. இவ்விழாவில் தமிழன்னை, வெள்ளிவீதியார், காக்கைப்பாடினியார், மணிக்குண்டர், பாரதியார், பாரதிதாசன், கவிமணி தேசிக விநாயகம், தமிழ்த்தாத்தா, ஜி.யு.போப், கண்ணதாசன், கலைஞர் என தமிழ் மொழிக்கு சிறப்பு சேர்த்தவர்களின் வேடமிட்டு அவர்கள் குறித்து உரையாற்றினர். இவ்விழாவிற்கு பள்ளி இயக்குனர், முதல்வர், ஒருங்கிணைப்பாளர் தலைமையேற்றது மேலும் சிறப்பாக அமைந்தது.


Kalam’s Vision Club Assembly- Remembrance of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam- Wednesday, July 27,2022

“A great soul never dies.They stay in our hearts forever and brings us together again and again.”

The Kalam’s Vision Club of DWPS, Madurai paid tributes to the Missile man..Student’s icon.. People’s President, BharatRatna Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, on his 7th death anniversary, by hosting a spectacular and striking assembly which reflected flashbacks from the great souls life.

Commencing on an auspicious note, with the lamp lighting ceremony by our Director sir, Principal, Vice principal, Club coordinator and members, followed by the prayer song, tamil thaivaazhthu and the school flag hoisting, the President and Secretary of the club executed a commendable job as Masters of the Ceremony.

A praiseworthy skit by the middle wing of DWPS, enacting the major life turning events in Dr. Kalam’s life was well portrayed on dais, in 5 scenes :Inspiration grows wings on the beach, Deadlines don’t exist, Height of honesty, Ardent lover of nature, Epitome of simplicity and humility…

A DWPian of grade 6, disguised as Dr. APJ, delivered a laudable speech on “Dream and Fly”, throwing light on the sequential process of learning, creativity, knowledge, all leading to greatness. A patriotic dance tribute, “Salam to Kalam” by DWPians of grades 6,7 and 8, was loudly applauded by the DWPS family, which was simultaneously backed by a live painting of the “Man Beyond Science”, BY a grade 9 artist, which was assured to be framed as a souvenir, on the walls of DWPS corridor.

The rest of the show was stolen by grade 11 science students, who rendered an exquisite speech on rocket science and the ten major contributions of Dr. Kalam. The climax of the assembly turned out to be the much awaited, manual DWPS rocket launching session, by the last benchers of grade11(science stream), with our worthy Director sir, taking the lead. The exemplary assembly culminated on a thankful note by Ms.Nabanita Sinha, the club convener and beautifully layered by the following sterling messages :

“A disciplined mind creates beauty in character, harmony at home, order in the nation and peace in the world” – DWPS Director”Students are the powerful rockets launched from the launch pads (schools), via launch vehicles (teachers)”- DWPS Principal

BLUE DAY - 22ND July 2022

Platinum, Diamonds, Gold are a dream for many but today at DWPS, our nursery, preparatory and grade -1 DWPIANS gave us life lessons regarding water. Today blue day was celebrated with great zeal from start to finish. Our kids left no stone unturned in conveying the message _ Save water and don’t waste water, through oration , experiments, mime and dance. A working model of rain water harvesting was displayed and it’s working explained. Our MD sir, Principal ma’am and coordinator ma’am highlighted the importance of water and the take away for today’s blue day celebration was _ Water is more precious than riches.


National Ice-cream Day – 18th July, 2022

” Life is like an ice cream : Enjoy it before it melts.” Our anchors for today’s assembly were from Nursery – B. Right from honoring the Almighty, the flow of events like Thirukural, kinds of ice – cream, flavors of ice cream, World records of ice cream, tongue twister and a dance were so smooth and the words of wisdom shared by our MD sir and Coordinator ma’am topped the ice cream day assembly.

This special day was celebrated with great enthusiasm to commemorate the birthday of Kamaraj , the 3rd Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Many of our cute DWPIANS from nursery, preparatory and grade 1 dressed up as Kamaraj and walked us down memory lane, with their speeches, fancy dress and drawing. Many competitions were conducted and our kids were busy squeezing their brains to give their best. Later a short video of Kamaraj was shown to the kids to spread awareness of the schemes like free education, noon meals in government schools which were initiated by him. The kids were flooded with information regarding Kamaraj , his native, his nick names, his achievements etc. All this was done by the Tamil department so that it could be embedded in our youngest DWPS wing.
Living in Tamil Nadu and not having an assembly in Tamil? Impossible ! Our raptors of Prep – C , presented today’s assembly _ Shark Awareness – in Tamil, by giving the biological description of sharks, the countries known for sharks and why do people hunt sharks? After sharing all details about sharks our Prep – C raptors rocked the floor with their terrific dance to the tune of baby shark. Finally the spectators were given an advice from a shark _ Successful people are like sharks. They keep moving forward , Never back. With this powerful advice the curtains for the assembly was brought down.
World paper bag day was presented by our tiny tots of Nursery A with ecstacy. Right from Thirukural recitation, Thought for the day , the benefits of using paper bag and spreading awareness the message was clearly conveyed to the audience. The assembly ended with a slogan _ If you are “Fantastic” then do something ” Drastic” to cut the ” Plastic”, use ‘Paper Bags.’
Hats allow you to make a statement without saying a word. Today’s silly hat day celebration began with a bang where our nursery, preparatory and grade 1 kids showcased their talents with their mesmerizing talk about hats, it’s significance, what each colour hat denotes and materials used in it’s making, followed by a parade of silly hats. Our kids and teachers put on their dancing shoes and burnt the floor with their spectacular performance. There wasn’t any decor better than our facilitators and their classrooms where each and every student had amazing hat activities to do. Yes all this happened at DWPS Madurai. The celebration taught us that – A positive attitude is good for the head and a fab hat doesn’t hurt either!
Chocolate day is nothing short of a special tribute to mankind’s greatest culinary invention. This was beautifully enacted by our Prep B DWPIANS. Cocoa trees originated in Brazil , Colombia and Peru but today it was cultivated at DWPS, Madurai. Our sweeties from Prep – B took us to a Chocolate World with their splendid dance and then taught us the importance of chocolate followed by a quiz. Yes, all this was flaunted in Hindi. The assembly was wrapped up with this irresistible quote – We can’t buy happiness but we can buy chocolates.
Founders Day Celebration & Inauguration of New Auditorium 4TH JULY 2022
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… and so did the journey of the Mangayarkarasi Educational Trust begin 5 decades ago, under the able and stable leadership of the great visionary and philanthropist Thiru K. Pitchiah Pillai and his empowering better half Smt. R. Kalyaniammal, to elevate the literacy rate among women, thereby paving way for a powerful working class of women.
The management team, facilitators and students of Delhi World Public school, Madurai honored and paid homage to the immortal soul by hosting an empowering and encouraging school assembly, on Monday, July 4, 2022,by the blooming Senior secondary wing, based on the underlying theme”Women Empowerment “. The DWPS fraternity witnessed a spectacular voice and vision display set to the back score of the Nobel Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzais speech, a motivational group song, a mime on the transition of education and an innovative portrayal of the success journey of our founder leader. Evergreen memories of our founder were shared by our esteemed secretary, managing director and principal ma’am, followed by the offering of flowers and prayers at the foot of our founder leader. As a golden feather is to a crown, a spacious mini auditorium was inaugurated as well, on this auspicious day.A sweet treat was offered by the generous management team to the entire DWPS family tree.
May this great educational journey of Mangayarkarasi Educational Trust traverse all ups and downs and reach infinite heights of success, fame and glory .
ASTEROID DAY - 30th june 2022
Asteroids, sun, moon, stars, earth at DWPS? Yes, dear folks, you read it right. Our raptors of Prep B gave us sore eyes with their dazzling performance in today’s assembly _ “Asteroid day”. Our Prep B raptors beautifully enacted and gave short speeches about asteroid, sun, moon, stars, the names of asteroids and also it’s discovery. Ceres the biggest asteroid was highlighted. All this was done in our regional language Tamil.
Our raptors from Prep C led the assembly with the theme _ Healthy food and Junk food . They spread the awareness by giving short sweet speeches and danced their heels off, to the tune of ” Healthy food vs junk food. Our kids twisted their little tongues with a tongue twister I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. The assembly was wrapped up with a dispersal clap.
KITE DAY - 24th june 2022
This day was a gala for our cute DWPIANS of KG and grade 1. We gathered to learn the importance of kites. Students also ĺearnt how to say kite in 5 different languages. A few kids rocked the stage with their kite song. Our director sir and principal ma’am enlightened the gathering with their words of wisdom. Kids were engaged with their flamboyant colours of kites for the days activity. The day ended by taking our bundles of energy to the playground to fly their flashy kites.
We celebrated Olympics day on the 22nd of June 2022. The day commenced by highlighting Olympics, the symbol, colours and what it represents.A quiz was conducted for the same. KG kids sang the prayer song and also answered few questions in Hindi as it was a Hindi assembly.
YOGA DAY Celebration - 21st june 2022
The day kicked off  with a mass yoga celebration on the 21 st of June 2022. Our kids graced this day by adorning in a white outfit. They did many asanas and also learnt the benefits for the same. 
Red Day Celebration - 17th june 2022

Our tiny DWPIANS of KG and grade 1 celebrated this day on the 17th of June 2022 with pomp and show. Teachers and students donned with red attire. The kids exhibited red objects and even brought healthy red snacks like apples and pomegranates. They learnt the importance of donating blood and saving lives, through videos. They were engaged in fun filled activities like thumb and hand impressions. The take away message for the day was ” Save life. “