Principal Desk

Delhi World Public School learners have an open and creative mind set for better critical thinking skills, learning how to build strong supportive relationships, understanding their own impulses and developing empathy for others.

Encouraging them to see the world from a global perspective, our learners are taught to become independent through experiences within and beyond the classroom, whilst technology is embedded in the learning process to enhance creativity. In order to achieve this we offer a curriculum that is both innovative and comprehensive .Our focus on high achievement is unrelenting. We hold the expectation that all our students will achieve high levels of literacy and numeracy upon completion of their educational journey with us. There is a commitment to an integrated curriculum approach through inquiry learning. We acknowledge and care for different rates and styles of learning. The development of higher order thinking skills, adaptability, co-operation and  sound communication techniques are fostered here. High end strategies like the Bloom’s Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligence theory are implemented to enrich the curriculum. The core curriculum is complemented with a special program where students experience learning within the performing arts,  Visual arts & physical education areas.

We also offer a range of extra curriculum opportunities for our students in order to have a holistic child development.

Hence, DWPS learners are challenged through authentic technology. High end transformation learning experiences. Our innovative learning environment together with our dynamic approaches to learning, put us at the fore front of global educational practices.